Education & Workshops

Our Education Programs & Interactive Cultural Workshops cater for …

  • Children of all ages,
  • School & Tertiary Students,
  • International Students,
  • Corporate and Seniors
  • Government and Non-Government
  • Community and Non-Profit Organisations

These programs & workshops can be designed specifically to your requirements.

Our program provides tours through the Cultural Centre facilities including a Guided Museum tour and a selection of the following workshops

Workshops Choices:

  • Cultural Talks
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Traditional Dance Workshop
  • Traditional Dance Performance
  • Didgeridoo Workshop
  • Art Workshop
  • Cultural Weaving
  • Story Telling
  • Native Food & Bush Medicine Talks
  • Cultural Tours

These workshops can be designed specifically to your requirements. 

Cultural Education can be

… Innovative!
… Exciting!